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Evian is located on the shores of the lake of Geneva
at the bottom of vthe French Alps.
The famous Spa town is part
of the Departement Haute Savoie (74)
and the region Auvergne Rhone Alpes.

The city faces the Swiss city of Lausanne,
located on the other side of the lake of Geneva.

Evian just like the city of Vichy
has given it's name
to famous products based on it's water sources.

The city is world famous
for it's water springs
and the water brand Evian
founded 1829
as société des Eaux Minerales.

Buy Evian Water

Discover the website
of the Evan Water company,

Evian Waters Visitors Center
and Evian Museum

Evian Museum

The city is known for it's Belle Epoque style Hotels.
In the 19th century the city had more than 20 Luxury Hotels.
Still today Evian has the reputation
of a world class Spa location.

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Evian is also known for
Palais Lumiere, Villa Lumiere

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View on Evian from Lake Geneva,
photo by Norbert Aepli